One of the most unique tender propulsion systems on the market

ZeroJet's ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for combustion engines on small watercraft. We design and manufacture electric jet systems for tenders, providing powerful, quiet, safe, sustainable and reliable boating.

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Snapshot of ZeroJet

ZeroJet's mission is to power over 1 million boats worldwide with our electric jet propulsion system.

The market opportunity ahead for ZeroJet

For the next year and beyond, ZeroJet is expanding internationally, moving to full-scale production, and continuing to invest in R&D to develop systems for larger tenders.

Why ZeroJet is a great place to work

We have a culture of openness and transparency. Everyone gets to share their ideas, people listen, we take feedback on board and we really care about our team members.

It's not just a job - you spend a lot of time at work and you also have a life outside of work and this matters to us. We care!

Working with us


  • We Care

    About you, about the environment, about our product.

  • Stay Open

    We are open and transparent. We share ideas, we give feedback, and we listen.

  • Have Fun

    Laugh, play and enjoy the ride.

  • Be World Class

    We do things properly, we don’t cut corners, we exceed expectations.

  • We are Customer Centric

    We are building a product customers want and love, giving them an amazing journey from start to end.

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