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FoundX Dunedin Meetup

Angel Investing is an important aspect of the start-up ecosystem. Not only do Angels provide a source of capital, but they also offer valuable mentorship, advice, and access to their networks – all of which can help founders succeed. From a Dunedin Inc. perspective, local Angel Investors are key to encouraging our early stage companies to stay in our region, as well as a pathway for tapping into other Angel groups.

Join us for a fireside chat hosted by Scott Mason of Findex with special guests Peter Ramsay, Prue Halstead and James Elvery as they provide an insight into the fundamentals of Angel Investing. Covering topics such as:

Common questions faced by founders in their investment journey. Strategies for attracting and securing funding. Experiences had through the process. Determining whether Angel Investing is appropriate (or not) to the Start-Up’s own circumstances. What's in store?

Fireside chat and audience Q&A - Angel investing 3 pitches with local startups Skillzea, Luni Maternity and OmniEye FoundX is designed to help empower regional entrepreneurship, connect communities and inspire innovation.

Prue Halstead - Executive Officer at Invest South

Prue has an extensive background of business development, marketing and general management experience across a diverse range of industries, working in NZ and overseas. Recognising the importance of a fully formed investment ecosystem to the growth of the Southern region, Prue is a strong advocate of early stage businesses in the South. She was involved in establishing COIN South in 2019, is a founding Board member of Mainland Angels, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Angel Association of New Zealand.

Peter Ramsay - Network Manager at Mainland Angel Investors

Peter’s interests lie within startups, having studied the Masters of Entrepreneurship at the University of Otago. For the past 4 years, he has embarked on his own venture, creating a reusable dispensing unit, tailed to the personal drink bottle and beverage industry. After experiencing the difficulties first-hand of trying to raise capital in the lower South Island, Peter was drawn to MAI, in an effort to help pave a better path to investment.

James Elvery - Co-Founder & CEO at RaceRanger

James, a former NZ representative triathlete from Wanaka, has founded sports-tech start-up ‘RaceRanger’ to address the major problem in the sport of Ironman triathlon. Drafting or slipstreaming on the bike section is against the rules in most events, and is policed in a highly subjective way. RaceRanger is an electronic sensor system which accurately measures distances between bikes, giving riders and referees a visual guide, removing the subjectivity.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 5:30 AM


Petridish 8 Stafford Street Dunedin, Otago 9016


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