Co-Founder at Quantiful

"We can't scale fast enough because we need more people.."

We really enjoyed chatting with Jamie Cormack, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, or as he prefers, Co-Founder and Experimenter at Quantiful to learn more about his career journey into tech.

Having studied electronics at a time when when New Zealand had a thriving electronics manufacturing industry, Jamie found he strengths leaned more naturally towards sales, operations and for a time product management.

It wasn't until he was made Managing Director at Brightstar New Zealand stationed up in South-east Asia, that he found himself managing some of the most profoundly complex supply chains and saw the opportunity for technology to play a bigger role and Quantiful was born.

About the Speaker


Jamie Cormack

A seasoned executive with proven experience in Australasian markets, Jamie has 20 years’ experience managing enterprise products and supply chains. He was previously Managing Director of Brightstar Services (Malaysia), a global company specializing in the reselling of mobile devices.

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