Q&A with Anna Rygiewicz, Tech Lead at First AML

Adapting to "fit in" to a male-dominated craft

As a teenager, Anna Rygiewicz, Tech Lead at First AML wanted to become a flight attendant, however, the downside of not being able to have a stable home life saw her study linguistics with the goal of becoming a translator.

Fast forward a few years and a high school interest in building websites saw her learning to code and which has set her down the path of a lifelong passion for building tech products.

In this career Q&A, we caught up with Anna to learn more about her firsthand experience as a woman working in what has always been a very male-dominated craft. 

Anna shared her experience of adapting how she spoke and acted to "fit in". She was kind enough to share more about the work First AML is doing to create greater diversity across their business.

We also discussed the tangible benefits of having enhanced transparency on pay grades and defined plans around career progression has had on her enjoyment of work.

Anna gave some sage advice around negotiating as well as why she thinks now is such an exciting time to be a part of First AML's journey.

About the Speaker

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Anna Rygiewicz

Anna is currently Tech Lead at First AML

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