Founder and CEO at Landlord Studio

Charles has been an avid programer from a young age, which led him to studying Computer Science at Auckland University.

After years working for some of some of New Zealand's more recognised corporate brands like ASB and Datacom, Charles joined a startup that was later acquired and as a result Charles headed over to London for a change of pace.

Whilst living and working in the UK, Charles purchased a rental property and underwhelmed with the platforms available to manage the property, he decided to build something himself. It was a side-gig to start, however he decided to test it out in the app store lots of others started to download it. As the numbers downloading the app increased, Charles decided to raise a seed round and build out the business, now aptly named Landlord Studio.

With paying customers in over 60 countries around the world, the team continues to grow rapidly as they continue to expand their offering in the main market of the US and the UK.

About the Speaker


Charles Chan

Charles Chan is one of the Founders and CEO of Landlord Studio. Whilst living in London, he looked to purchase a rental property and looked at tools to make managing that property easier.

When he couldn’t find anything designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, he decided to build Landlord Studio. With a background in software development, he listened to customer feedback to refine and improve on the product. Landlord Studio is now on a mission to become the most loved platform for landlords and tenants.

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