Founder and CEO of Animation Research

It would be unjust and extremely difficult to try and succinctly summarise Ian's entire career journey, as it sounds more like an adventure novel than real life in many ways when you include an accidental lead singer in a touring rock and roll band.

Many will recognise Ian as the host of various children's television shows or perhaps New Zealand's funniest home videos; however, it is his work helping turn "digital data into pictures that people can understand" across various sporting codes is where Ian really got his name as a tech entrepreneur.

The work his team have pioneered has helped transform sporting events like the America's Cup from something boring and difficult to follow into a spectacle anyone can engage with and understand.

In this conversation, we learn more about Ian's career journey that ultimately led to founding Animation Research, as well as some insight into the new online learning project he is spearheading called Mātauranga which is helping young people understand that innovation is in their DNA. Thanks for sharing your story, Ian.

About the Speaker


Sir Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is a prominent businessman from Dunedin. A former television presenter (notably for TVNZ children's programme Spot On (TV Series) and New Zealand's Funniest Home Videos, Taylor founded Taylormade Media in 1989 as a television production company. The following year he established Animation Research Limited, which quickly became one of the top computer animation companies in New Zealand and known internationally for its work, particularly in television advertising and sports graphics.

Ian was inducted into the New Zealand Technology Hall of Fame in 2009 and was named North & South Magazines 2010 New Zealander of the Year. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the New Zealand Computer Society (HFNZCS) in 2010, the top honour of the ICT sector in New Zealand. Ian was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2012 New Year Honours, for services to television and business.

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