Founder and CEO of Fingermark

Founded in Auckland in 2005, Fingermark is an industry-leading digital solutions innovator enabling businesses to improve their revenue through digital customer journeys and operational efficiency.

The New Zealand-owned company currently holds partnerships with the world’s largest fast-food and convenience brands, providing machine vision and artificial intelligence software and advanced hardware systems such as self-service kiosks and digital menus.

The team at Matchstiq will be hosting a live career chat with Luke about his journey into working in tech, the inspiration behind Fingermark, why he chose to move the business from Auckland to the Hawke's Bay as well as where he hopes to take the business in the future.

About the Speaker


Luke Irving

Luke is the Founder of Fingermark and has an extensive background in entrepreneurship for over 20 years with global experience in C-suite deals across Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), banking, air travel, and public sectors. He has 15 years experience as the leader and visionary for Fingermark.

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