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Senior Front End Software Engineer

About the Role

We are looking for a Senior Front End Software Engineer with a deep understanding of the React eco-system and who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. You will work with the UI/UX designers and other engineers to bridge the gap between desired design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works. Your responsibilities include translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to modular components that will be used in various parrot web apps. Our core product provides a lot of insights hence you should be confident customising chart libraries to deliver desired data visualisations.


  • Empathy for customers, teammates, and other stakeholders
  • Excellent team player with effective communication skills who is able to listen intently and understand the needs of the business, can convert these into clear and easily understood specifications and are able to present this across teams
  • You must love frontend engineering and are passionate about building responsive, performant user interfaces to provide a world class user experience
  • 5+ years of high quality web application frontend engineering experience using native Javascript/Typescript/HTML/DOM, JS libs, and modern JS frameworks/tooling.
  • Production grade React experience is critical for this role as you have to hit the ground running on day 1 as part of a small frontend dev team
  • Must be proficient in Javascript charting libraries including D3.js and amCharts.
  • Good understanding of accessible web markup including HTML5, CSS3 and CSS preprocessors: LESS/SCSS. Experience with Server Side Rendering is a plus
  • Quality focused with unit and E2E testing experience using tools such as Jest, Cypress, and Nightwatch
  • Experience working with design systems and building component libraries. You have worked with tools such as Invision, Zeplin, Sketch, Figma and Storybook
  • Good understanding of consuming REST APIs with asynchronous request handling, partial page updates. Familiarity with GraphQL is a plus
  • Confident with CI/CD and monitoring tools such as Bamboo, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, New Relic, and Sumo Logic
  • Experienced working with AWS technologies such as CloudFront, Elastic Container Service (ECS), S3, EC2, CloudWatch as well as Kubernetes/Docker is a plus


What you will be experiencing in this role at Parrot Analytics:

  • A high-performing team of elite professionals who are excited about introducing a new paradigm to one of society’s most impactful industries
  • A diverse group of colleagues from every corner in the world joined by a common vision to better connect content creators with consumers to be best in the world
  • An unrelenting emphasis on a value-driven team, with an ever-increasing team average (ask us for our ‘Parrot Play’ guide!) seeking to be the best in the world at what they do each day
  • Working with world-renowned TV studios and brands and some of the smartest data people in the industry to solve some of the biggest data and measurement problems in the TV industry every day
  • The encouragement, support, and resources you need to succeed, learn and grow in the role and in your career
  • A lot of love for big data, TV shows and stories that move us!

Our Guiding Values:

  • We love our partners! We care intensely and passionately about achieving our vision and helping our customers be successful everyday – they have put their trust in us, so we work hard to #MakeItHappen for them
  • We exist because we believe in the magic of TV content and its impact on people’s lives!
  • We want to make an impact in today’s golden age of TV, by enabling our partners to make data- driven decisions across the industry – so that fans are better connected with the content they love!
  • We have defined culture as the way we live and breathe every single day as an elite team to become the best in the world at what we do
  • We understand the importance of disseminating knowledge, information, constructive feedback and ideas – so we work hard to over share
  • We take the initiative, always champion our culture and hold everyone accountable to it, so we work hard to #LeadTheParrotWay
  • We understand the value of flexibility, freedom and autonomy and embracing new ideas to help us achieve our results (mastery) , so we work hard to make sure the best ideas win
  • Checking our ego at the door, we enter a ‘no politics zone’ each day and strive to learn & grow faster together, so we work hard to add value and increase the team average every day

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