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Full stack operations

We are looking for an outgoing and highly organised person - hopefully you - to join our Full Stack Operations team to help ensure that everything runs smoothly from one day to another, maximise processes & procedures whilst meeting customer expectations.

Full Stack Operations people are able to apply their energies across the board, to any of the Operations key functional areas: Finance, People, Risk & Citizenship. However, almost always, our Full Stack Operations people will have areas of expertise, interest and focus within these key functional areas.

This structure allows us to work as a team to be supportive to our customers (internal & external), and create impact for the business. It also speeds collaboration and learning.

Full Stack Operations people operate with a growth mindset. To do well in this role you will be a fast learner who is always willing to get stuck in. You will need to be detail oriented and be able to stay across many things at once. Joyous currently operates in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Operations key functional areas:

  • Finance. Ensure we have the systems and process in place to plan and control our finances.
  • People. A smooth people experience from prospective employees to alumni, consistent across the world, ready to scale efficiently.
  • Risk. Manage risk across the business (including security, privacy and business continuity) by ensuring appropriate policy, compliance processes and auditing. Negotiate contracts (customers, suppliers etc) and track our obligations.
  • Citizenship. Proactively manage our aspirations and responsibilities towards stakeholders (users, government, iwi, investors, board, staff) and as citizens (sustainability, social good).

Full Stack Operations key responsibilities would include, but not limited to:

  • Finance & finance systems administration, processing of day-to-day transactions, payroll & compliance, & report preparation.
  • Key contributor to Risk management processes, keeping company policies complete, up-to-date and available.
  • Assist in key People experiences, recruitment support, employee onboarding & offboarding. Help make life at Joyous as smooth, inclusive and comfortable for all.
  • Continuous improvement processes across the key functional areas.
  • Facilities & general management. Ensure the working environment is pleasant, efficient and safe regardless of whether people are working in the office, at home or elsewhere.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding organisational skills
  • Strong Microsoft Office & Google Suite skills
  • Collaborative; enjoys working closely with various stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Degree in Business, Commerce or related field


Joyous is a great place to work! We provide a product that improves the lives of thousands of workers, and we focus with as much enthusiasm on improving the lives of Joyous people too.

We've found that people grow faster at Joyous than they would elsewhere. We've created a safe place for everyone to experiment, share knowledge, and collaborate in an equal opportunity environment. You can help to drive the direction of Joyous and progress your career as our company evolves.

We take our jobs seriously, not ourselves. We make Joyous a happy, fun, and positive place to work.

We also have the following benefits available to all employees:

  • JoyStock – Stock options give you the ability to participate in the success of Joyous
  • Joyous Flexible Work - Work the way you prefer
  • Joyous Home Office – Joyous will cover the cost of a comfortable home office
  • Health insurance – Personal health insurance paid by Joyous to help you stay happy and healthy
  • Counselling Services – Access to free, confidential counselling
  • Joy Days and Joy Trips – Six more long weekends during the year! Road trips with the team!
  • The Joyous Parental Journey – Additional support and flexibility for people with children
  • Merch! – Free and discounted merch from the Joyous merch store

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