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Full Stack Engineer

 Job Description

It’s about our tech.

We don’t want to be good, we want to be the best. Every aspect of the user experience is scrutinised and optimised to make our clients lives easier.

The front end is a React app built with TypeScript and we use Apollo to consume our internal API.  The back end is a GraphQL API built with .NET core, with a Postgres database.

The whole thing is hosted in containers on AWS, managed with terraform, deployed with BuildKite and monitored in DataDog.

As a Full Stack Engineer you will be part of an Engineering team that work on continuous delivery, a team that ship numerous times throughout the day.  We believe that this is the very best way to provide value to our customers.

We are big on collaboration  - each of our engineering teams partners with a dedicated Product Manager and Designer.  This way of working creates a great team environment where it nurtures our passion of delivering an exceptional product.

 Desired Skills and Experience

About you.

  • You celebrate the differences of your colleagues and support everyone to be the best version of themselves
  • You thrive in an environment of trust
  • Supplied with the information you need, you enjoy the freedom to deliver a great product
  • You understand the value of continuous delivery
  • You value agility but favour pragmatism over Capital ‘A’ Agile
  • You enjoy the impact you can have working in small teams and value the collaboration they bring
  • You believe great products come from great teams
  • You see an opportunity for growth in the things you don't know, and don’t shy away when you’re a little out of your depth

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