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Employee Feedback Software

Joyous is on a mission to make life better for working people. By helping people talk about work openly and honestly. And by helping organisations actually use employee feedback: to fix problems, celebrate successes, offer support, and just generally make work better.

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The mission at Joyous is to make life better for people at work.

The market opportunity ahead for Joyous

With the goal of making life better for people at work in mind, we focus on large enterprises. This means we can help improve the lives of a large number of people.

We've started out by targeting a few key industries in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. As we continue to grow we will focus more broadly within those regions, as well as expand to other geographies.

In the developed world, there are over 290 million people who work in organisations of over 2,500 staff – our aim is to help improve the lives of as many of those people as possible.

Why Joyous is a great place to work

We are purpose-driven:
Joyous exists because of a desire to make the world better. Everything we do contributes to making the world a little better through our product, work with customers and publications.

We have an innovative approach to work:
We have developed our own unique way of working called Joyfully. Joyfully has helped our teams create a streamlined organisational structure, form a product strategy, and deliver meaningful chunks of work. Joyfully provides a thought-provoking alternative to Agile Scrum, Shape Up and other methodologies.

We have combined customer care, sales and marketing into one group, called Unified Customer. Customer overlaps with Product, which in turn overlaps with Engineering.

We have Joyful benefits:

  • Health Insurance & Counselling –Personal health insurance and access to free counselling to help you stay happy and healthy.
  • Joy Days –Six extra long weekends each year in March, May, July, August, September, and November. You get more paid time off to do the things that bring you joy.
  • The Joyous Parental Journey –A revolutionary parental journey benefit created by parents for parents.
  • JoyStock – Stock Options– Every employee is eligible for stock options when they start working as a permanent, full-time employee.
  • Joyous Home Office –Joyous will cover the cost of a comfortable home office for you. Every team member has the choice to work from home on Mondays & Tuesdays.
  • Merch– We have a merch store, and everyone at Joyous gets free & discounted merch!
  • Joyous experiences – Shared leadership, No silos, Regular showcases, Friday feeds, Joy trips, Donut app, Collaboration ...and your own custom Joyous animal avatar.

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Working with us


  • We grow ​together​

    We’re not defined by our job titles. We explore, invent and innovate across the business. We’re safe to experiment, work together wherever we can, and use feedback to help us grow.

  • We make an impact

    Our work has purpose, and we’re trusted to do it the way we know is best. We’re deliberate about doing what’s most impactful, and we focus on delivering quality quickly.

  • We bring the joyous​

    We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We check our egos at the door and make Joyous a happy, fun, and positive place to work. We find joy in creating surprise, delight and magic where we can. And we spread the joyous wherever we go.

  • We love awesome humans

    We care for each other, and treat everyone with love, empathy and respect. We trust each other, find joy in our differences and value our unique perspectives. We’re not perfect; we’re always improving.


Intermediate Software Engineer

We're looking for an Intermediate Software Engineer to join our collaborative, cross-functional engineering team.

In this role you will:

  • Work in a full-stack JavaScript environment on cloud based SaaS software
  • Be involved across the entire software engineering cycle, including technical design, development, testing, deployment and supporting the production system
  • Collaborate within Engineering and Product to ensure high quality solutions

You'll be working with a modern JavaScript stack. React, NodeJS, GraphQL, TypeScript, MongoDB, Redshift and AWS.

Our software helps people start conversations that drive change at work. Joyous sends regular conversation starters via SMS and email - questions or statements that get people talking about work-related topics. Leaders can get involved in these conversations, to ask questions, suggest solutions or say "hey, good job!". All of this happens in Joyous's conversational web app. It's like using a chat-style interface with the added benefit of generating really useful insights for the organisation.

This role is an opportunity to make a difference. We are on a mission to make life better for people at work, with ambitious goals and an exciting journey ahead. Provide your ideas and effort into a world class enterprise product. Share your expertise with the team and our customers.

Challenge yourself in our tight-knit cross-functional environment. Be involved in the entire development cycle. Develop forward thinking, learn at pace, and give new things a go.


  • Modern JavaScript experience
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Motivated to learn and mentor others
  • Produce high quality, maintainable, scalable code
  • Thrive in a collaborative team with excellent communication skills
  • Have a get-stuff-done attitude
  • Willing to be cross functional and full stack
  • Test focused
  • Comfortable in a changing environment


Joyous is a great place to work! We provide a product that improves the lives of thousands of workers, and we focus with as much enthusiasm on improving the lives of Joyous people too.

We've found that people grow faster at Joyous than they would elsewhere. We've created a safe place for everyone to experiment, share knowledge, and collaborate in an equal opportunity environment. You can help to drive the direction of Joyous and progress your career as our company evolves.

We take our jobs seriously, not ourselves. We check our egos at the door and make Joyous a happy, fun, and positive place to work.

We also want to shout from the rooftops about the Joyously joyful benefits available to all employees:

  • JoyStock – Stock options give you the ability to participate in the success of Joyous
  • Joyous Home Office – Joyous will cover the cost of a comfortable home office
  • Health insurance – Personal health insurance paid by Joyous to help you stay happy and healthy
  • Counselling Services – Access to free, confidential counselling
  • Joy Days and Joy Trips – Six more long weekends during the year! Road trips with the team!
  • The Joyous Parental Journey – Additional support and flexibility for people with children
  • Merch! – Free and discounted merch from the Joyous merch store

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