Co-CEOs at Joyous

Making life better for people at work: Philip and Michael Carden wanted to solve a globally significant problem that was good for the world.

When they finally landed on the problem they wanted to tackle, it was centred around the idea that if you can make peoples experience at work better, you make life better.

They focused on employee feedback because it was the one area that hasn't changed in a long time, has the most potential to impact people at scale and well as help leaders grow.

The traditional anonymous employee survey makes it hard to build trust. Anonymous feedback reinforces the idea that speaking up is unsafe; that people need to hide who they are to say how they feel. And you can’t take direct action when feedback’s anonymous, so employees think nothing ever changes.

Joyous Open Feedback is a completely different way of thinking about enterprise feedback. Traditional systems just do measurement. Joyous makes everyone feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback that sparks action.

It’s a different world. Send stimulating conversation starters instead of ego-bruising ratings. Act on individual feedback (because you know where it’s coming from!). Give leaders expert support for dealing with difficult feedback. Get people talking openly about work. Be Joyous.

About the Speaker

Philip and Michael Carden

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