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Connected frontline wellbeing, measuring the employee wellbeing experience through a digital platform that provides real time insights and actions for organisations to engage employees and increase psychological health & safety.

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Snapshot of chnnl

To unlock human potential in every workplace, through the power of psychological health & wellbeing.

The market opportunity ahead for chnnl

Global expansion into new markets.

Why chnnl is a great place to work

Purpose and passion drive the chnnl team, for ourselves, our clients and each other.

We are on a mission to make the world a better and safer by changing the way workplaces view and manage employee wellbeing. Making companies people focused and delivering great business outcomes AND people outcomes for customers and employees.

Solving the mental health crisis through safe workplaces. We eat our own cake, and walk the talk, when it comes to providing a thriving work culture.

Flexible working, remote from day one, we have cadence of activities we do as a team to ensure we are doing best practice ourselves - team days in person once a month, weekly All Hands with psychological safety practices and even our own shared language to talk about the hard things to have crucial conversations as a team.

Working with us


  • Walk the Talk

    We believe in walking the talk. We are the champions of psychological safety. It’s on everyone to love the work, do the work and be the work.

  • Abundance Mindset

    We’re in the human potential business, so there’s always room for growth. Stay curious, stay open and, above all, stay humble, okay to fail.

  • People make magic

    People are amazing and at the heart of everything we do. By empowering our users and customers, we are helping them make magic happen. We are here in the service of human potential.

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