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Emergency Department congestion software

Connects Emergency Department's and local Urgent Care clinics in real time to deliver better outcomes for patients.

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Snapshot of Emergency Q

Emergency Q's mission is to empower frontline ED nurses to enable patients with minor problems, to begin their healthcare journey in primary care rather than in hospital.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for Emergency Q

Emergency Department (ED) congestion is a major problem worldwide. Emergency Q have already made a significant positive impact in the New Zealand healthcare system. Some of their results include 65,000 less patients in Hospital ED's across 7 New Zealand Hospitals and 15 Urgent Care Clinics (ECC's), resulting in 4 to 5 times increases in access to primary care among Maori and Pasifika patients, and 5 – 20% reductions in total ED patient volumes.

Diversity and Inclusion at Emergency Q

From inception, the founding team at Emergency Q wanted to create a company that had the look and felt of the communities they serve.

That meant finding people who understood and believed in the vision, and in particular giving Maori and Pasifika developers a chance to break into the tech industry. A core part of their strategy is the application traditional Maori values throughout the business.

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