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ezyVet was founded out of the desire for intuitive, affordable and customisable software that could cater to veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes.

Working in partnership with vets, ezyVet has grown into next generation cloud based practice management software, which is feature rich, customisable and easy to use, serving the veterinary industry all around the world.

In June 2021 ezyVet was acquired by US-listed IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., propelling business growth and career development forwards at pace.

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Snapshot of ezyVet

ezyVet is on a mission to develop and distribute disruptive technology that innovates, automates, and changes the veterinary market globally.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for ezyVet

ezyVet is the product leader in global veterinary software, with customers in six continents, over 50,000 users and offices in Auckland, London and Dallas.

There are more than 100,000 veterinary practices around the world, with a large chunk situated in North America. With 80% ezyVet's revenue currently generated in the US, their current share of that market is still only 2.5% leaving significant opportunity for growth.

With a large number of legacy server-based products still in market, ezyVet's cloud-based offering is able to continuously improve and evolve in real-time making for an exciting time ahead.

Diversity and Inclusion at ezyVet

ezyVet puts a focus on D&I at the start of the recruitment process. This includes:

  • Screening their job our adverts for genderised language.
  • Ensuring interview panels are diverse.
  • Reporting D&I metrics to employees and the board quarterly to ensure transparency and accountability.

ezyVet's culture supports diversity through an inclusive workplace, holding each other to stay “above the line” with behaviours and having safe mechanisms in place to provide feedback to colleagues.

They aim to have at least one female on the board before the end of the year as well as creating a D&I committee in to support evolving D&I practices.

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  • Integrity

    We are honest & reliable, always taking a long-term view

  • Collaborate

    We bring people together, sharing ideas for success

  • Retain

    We develop our people and our customers stay interested

  • Lifestyle

    We create efficiencies allowing more time for what really matters

  • Beyond

    Selfless acts will characterise our legacy

  • Challenge

    It’s what gets us up in the morning, not what keeps us up at night

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