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Logan Fraser, Business Development Executive at ezyVet

What does a cocktail bartender, a deer farmer and a helicopter avionics technician have in common? Logan Fraser is what they have in common. Having tried his hand at all of the above, a simple google search started Logan on the hunt for a job in sales and the end result was ezyVet.

Logan shares with us some deeper insight into his career journey leading into a role as a Business Development Executive at ezyVet, what he loves about his role and his advice to anyone considering a career in tech. Thanks for sharing your story, Logan.

Firstly, how would you explain to a 5 year old what you do?

I call vets to help them run their business better.

“All I wanted to be when I was younger was a police officer so that I could help people in need. ”

Was working in tech something you dreamed about doing as a kid?

I never dreamed I’d work in tech when I was growing up. All I wanted to be when I was younger was a police officer so that I could help people in need.

It wasn’t until I was older when I started to discover my interest in the business applications of leading technologies, such as SaaS that I started to love the idea of working in tech.

“..I have taken quite a weird road to get here. I’ve worked as a cocktail bartender, a deer farmer, and a helicopter avionics technician. ”

Can you share some more insight into what that transition was like?

I was in my last two weeks of full-time study at AUT when I started at ezyVet! The adjustment of going back to full-time work took some getting used to!

However, the transition was easy. The good thing about ezyVet is that it is a fast-moving company filled with really bright, supportive people who I could lean on for any help that I needed. ezyVet is a fast-moving company full of bright people so it was relatively easy to make the transition because everyone was really helpful/supportive.

“..a career in tech allows for constant curiosity and therefore the ability to constantly be thinking outside of the box. A tech career is fun! ”

Do you have any advice for people considering tech as a career path and how they might get there quicker?

Never stop being curious about people and their experiences. The quickest way to learn is from others. Meet as many people in tech as possible and never hold back a question. Vulnerability is where growth hides.

What gets you excited about working at ezyVet?

Innovation, growth potential/speed, and sushi Wednesdays.

Lastly, ezyVet continues to grow. What kind of candidates do you think ezyVet is looking for in terms of experience, attitude, and character?

We are after anyone who is willing to operate on the edge of the unknown. We need people who are comfortable overcoming challenges up as they come along. It’s a rewarding place to be and you will enjoy seeing yourself overcome challenges to reap the rewards in your own personal growth!

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