Imagr gives supermarkets superpowers.

The first vision-only, white-label autonomous checkout solution that retailers can own, operate and scale themselves. Unlike other frictionless checkout solutions, Imagr is designed to layer into any supermarket, with no store fit-outs required.

Supermarket retailers are the hero of our story, and we empower them to create a more efficient, and more enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. Our deeply powerful proprietary AI doesn’t need barcodes. It just knows what you’re putting in the cart.. or taking out of it..

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Artificial Intelligence
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Snapshot of Imagr

Imagr's mission is to revolutionise the retailer’s world, by delivering products, tools and insights that enable them to enhance their customer experience and improve their performance.

The market opportunity ahead for Imagr

Grocery retail is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s been relatively slow to move with technology and is now playing catch up.

The pandemic has hastened the need for a sleeker, more contactless shopping experience in-store, and Imagr is delivering a product that not only dramatically improves the customer experience, but keeps the customer’s safer too, all whilst enabling the retailer to improve their performance.

Why Imagr is a great place to work

Imagr is at the forefront of building a productionised computer vision powered solution, bringing together software and hardware in a comprehensive product offering for retailers, with the ability to impact the day-to-day lives of everyday people.

Life at Imagr is full of brand new, exciting and complex technical challenges, being solved by a smart, humble, creative team who are passionate about innovation and making an impact.

Working with us


  • We act as one.

    We play to each other’s strengths, value the success of the team over the individual, celebrate our differences and support each other to bring our whole selves to work.

  • We don’t stand still.

    We move fast, empower our team to have impact and use the data we have to drive direction.

  • We are all shoppers.

    We live and breathe the opportunity our product has to make a global impact on our retailers and shoppers; thinking big, but scalable.

  • We make magic happen.

    We seek opportunities for extraordinary innovation in all that we do and challenge ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday.

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