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AI Software for Photographers

We view photography not just as an art form, but as a powerful narrative medium, intimately entwined with our collective human journey. However, we recognise that photographers often face monotonous tasks that can suppress their creative energy.

Our mission is to break down these barriers and champion photographers by providing them the tools they need to unlock their creative potential. By strategically eliminating the challenges that hamper their workflow, we aim to create an environment where their artistic potential will thrive.

Our flagship product, Select, uses AI to assist photographers in the process of finding their best images from a photoshoot, saving them hours of their time and relieving them from thousands of small decisions.

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Snapshot of Narrative

At Narrative, we are unlocking the creative potential of photographers by building AI that relieves them from the monotonous parts of their workflow.

The market opportunity ahead for Narrative

Narrative's products currently serve tens of thousands of photographers globally, helping them process over a billion images each year.

This year, we're dialing things up - we plan to broaden our reach by enhancing our AI capabilities for photographers around the globe. Stay tuned for exciting product developments on the horizon.

Why Narrative is a great place to work

We have a team who enjoy sitting down together to each lunch, we start our week together and end together by praising the great work achieved by our team.

Narrative is an equal opportunity workplace and we strongly believe that diversity is a major strength.

Creating a diverse workplace is a constant battle in the tech industry but we are working as hard as we can to ensure our employment opportunities and workplace is as welcoming to all as possible. Everyone is welcome to apply to work at Narrative.

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  • Seek the truth

    We seek out our strengths and weaknesses and accept them – at all times being authentically true to ourselves, and each other.

  • Create like an artist

    We walk in artists’ shoes and embrace creative freedom. We’re curious, passionate and hunt for the deeper meaning.

  • Play like a child

    We give ourselves permission to laugh, play and be vulnerable like we are children again. Humour is valued highly and shared liberally.

  • Nurture each other

    We grow tall by nurturing each other with kindness and compassion. We celebrate, show our gratitude and care with diligence.

  • Champion your craft

    We champion our craft and our team – owning our work, striving for excellence and inspiring each other to do the same.

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