CEO and Co-founder of Narrative

Transforming the time professional photographers spend away from the lens and on their laptops. Narrative is building Machine Learning models to understand photo desirability with the goal of empowering photographers to spend more time doing what they love.

As an internationally renowned wedding photographer, James understood firsthand the pain of spending four days on his computer sorting the best images he had taken, for everyone one he was behind the lens shooting. A natural entrepreneur from a young age, he saw a clear gap to help alleviate that problem using cutting edge technology and had an equally impressive friend keen to tackle it too.

After creating a basic version of Narrative that was immediately very well received in the professional photography community, James, Steffan and the team set off on a course to make Narrative the go-to application for all professional photographers globally.

Having recently raised NZD 4 million from tier 1, US Venture Capital partners that include Founders Fund, Narrative has assembled a team with experience from Google, Dropbox, Uber, Xero and some of NZ best tech companies

This "Ask Me Anything" career chat hosted by Matchstiq Co-founder Greg Denton, looks to explore James' transition from freelance photographer to taking on a highly complex technology problem with already some serious momentum behind it.

They will discuss where James and the team hope to take Narrative in the future and the people they will need to help get them there.

About the Speaker


James Broadbent

Co-Founder and CEO of photography software company Narrative, James and his team are revolutionising how professional photographers find their best images from a photoshoot, minimising the time they have to spend away from the lens and on a laptop. Having already created a product that is saving professional photographers a lot of time, Narrative has recently taken on approximately NZD $4 million to scale their offering globally.

With a nice balance between humility and ambition, James and his Co-founder Stefan have created a company culture of amazingly talented people that love showing up to work each day. To satisfy their global ambitions they will need to continue to attract great talent that want to work with cutting edge technology.

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