Whip Around


Fleet Inspection and Maintenance Software

Whip Around is a fleet inspection and maintenance software for managing fleet inspections, compliance, preventative maintenance, work orders, and reporting.

The software allows managers to create powerful checklists for assets and empowers drivers to conduct inspections anywhere and anytime via the Whip Around mobile app. The app gives instant fault alerts and reports can be viewed from the dashboard to easily resolve faults.

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Snapshot of Whip Around

Whip Around's mission is to keep the world's fleets moving.

The market opportunity ahead for Whip Around

Whip Around is focused on the North American Transport market, which is home to over 140 million commercial vehicles and countless other pieces of equipment and trailers.

Whilst the market is enormous, the particular requirements of most fleet operators are unique to the US market and we help these companies meet these and keep their assets operational.

We believe that with our growing list of integration partners we are cementing our place as an essential part of the transport technology ecosystem and aspire to be a non-negotiable part of any fleet tech stack in years to come. We want to continue to scale revenue by acquiring customers and like most businesses, there are milestones we strive for.

However, with a market so big we know the opportunity to become a part of everyday life for an industry so reliant on the connection of people and information each day is a place we will always be chasing for a long time.

Why Whip Around is a great place to work

At Whip Around you can expect to work for a people-centric business that encourages flexibility, thrives on social connection and lives by our five core values. With offices in Auckland, North Carolina and San Diego, our team love the challenge of working in a truly international business.

We’re a global team of passionate and hard-working individuals who are obsessed with building a product for customers in a huge (mostly untapped) market, and we’re having fun while we do it! We celebrate every success, we show up for one another and we’re committed to a culture of being the best version of ourselves.

Working with us


  • Be the Driver

    We put ourselves in the driver's seat. We drive change through constant innovation and we are drivers to succeed.

  • Provide Clarity

    We use simple technology, transparent communication and focus on the essentials.

  • Manaakitanga

    We embrace diversity, we do our part for the community and value each other.

  • Don't Drop the Trophy

    Celebrate successes and don't lose focus. We have a winner's mindset.

  • Be the Best You

    We aim to be consistently better through accountability and positivity.

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