Q&A with Hanna Van der Giessen, Clinical & Medical Affairs Associate at HeartLab

"At the end of Uni, I had maybe 25% of an understanding of what startups were..."

From the laboratory into the world of startups, Hanna Van der Giessen, Medical and Clinical Affairs at HeartLab, originally set out down the research path after completing her Masters at Otago University.

Not long into that journey, she quickly found working in a lab environment to be quite isolating and started to explore opportunities that involved engaging more with people.

This decision ultimately led her to a role at HeartLab, an incredible Kiwi startup developing a cardiology imaging platform for clinicians that want to save time and drive efficiency.

We caught up with Hanna to learn more about how she navigated the twists and turns of her career, her knowledge of startups before joining one and what that experience was like. Hanna also shared some insight into what a typical day-in-the-life looks like for her and how that is rapidly evolving as their business continues to expand.

About the Speaker


Hanna Van der Giessen

Clinical & Medical Affairs Associate at HeartLab

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