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Heroes of Tech in Aotearoa

Who are the 'Heroes of Tech in Aotearoa'?

We want to celebrate the people that make working in tech great. The people that go above and beyond to be a great team member, supporter, mentor or champion in the industry.

We have all worked alongside someone that often goes that extra mile. Sometimes it is as simple as always being open to answering those "dumb" questions you are afraid to share with anyone else, or the person you turn to when you are getting a little overwhelmed?

Perhaps it is someone outside of your organisation, that volunteers their time to create and facilitate meetups, challenges outdated thinking or openly shares things they have learnt for the benefit of others?

Do you know someone that is always making time to help others out, championing diversity and inclusivity or just generally creating a great vibe?


If you do, here is your chance to give them a shoutout and it takes less than 30 seconds to do so!

Each week until the end of November, we will be randomly selecting three nominees and gifting them $100 vouchers to a restaurant of their choice. All entires will remain in the pool for the following weeks draw!

The added bonus is we get to show some support to our friends in the hospitality sector that have had a horrible year!

'Heroes of tech Aotearoa' was generously supported by

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